Chirag Sagar



Mission Matters

Chirag Sagar is a Co-Founder of Mission Matters - a multimedia company focused on book publishing and content marketing. Their mission is to amplify the purpose of entrepreneurs, experts and executives through their content. Beyond the media, they also help individuals and companies with book publishing services, podcast production services, social media, PR, audio-editing, video-editing, and blog-writing. Their media brand reaches millions of people every month.

Mission Matters has published over 150 authors in wide-variety of books. They have also launched over 100 podcast shows and have cumulatively recorded and been involved in managing over 10,000 episodes. They have bootstrapped this company and have over 20 remote staff with their HQ in Beverly Hills. Mission Matters is looking to help people with their content marketing needs and is on the lookout to bring on more fellow Trojans onto their show to be guests on their podcast.

Prior to Mission Matters, Sagar co-founded 3 other ventures with one successful exit. He was also the inaugural Managing Director for a White-House recognized Non-profit teaching financial education to students in need. He has served on over a dozen Boards including three alumni boards from USC. He's also a Los Angeles Global Shaper, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.


    9:40 AM - 10:05 AM

    Wednesday Investor Session 1/31/2024

    How Social Media and Apps for Smartphones Propel Some Microcap Stocks From the Doldrums to the Stratosphere

    • Speed & scope: Viral content can move messaging all over the world in an instant
    • Few barriers to entry
    • Inexpensive compared to traditional marketing methods
    • High targeting accuracy – reach the right people
    • Interaction with your investors
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