Joanne Chiu



Kreit & Chiu CPA LLP

Joanne has over twenty years of experience in public accounting. Most recently, she served as Managing Director of the Asia Practice at a National Firm. Prior to that, she served as a Director and Founding Member of the China Desk at a large national firm. She specializes in EB5, e-commerce, estate & trusts, high-net-worth individuals, import & export, coordination of public offerings, and mergers & acquisitions.

The clients she serves operate in the family office, private equity, VC, not-for-profit, life science, cannabis, professional services, entertainment, technology, manufacturing, and real estate.

Joanne is a frequent presenter of international tax and real estate-related topics at events hosted by the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), China Real Estate Association, and NYC Real Estate Expo. Joanne also serves on the advisory board of AREAA Manhattan.


    9:40 AM - 10:05 AM

    Thursday Investor Session 2/1/2024

    The Gordon Gekko Elephant Syndrome - What Microcaps Need to Do to Attract Large Institutional Investors

    • Microcap value strategies historically outperform private equity investments
    • Mutual funds and institutional investors hold roughly 78% of the Russell 2000 but only 40% of the non-Russell 2000 microcap universe
    • Building a detailed narrative of success: complete financial reports, customer testimonials, industry awards
    • Using database-driven institutional investor targeting solutions
    • Crafting the pitch: how to approach and engage with effective communication
    10:55 AM - 11:30 AM

    Wednesday Investor Session 1/31/2024

    Markets Are Global, But the US Has the Biggest Draw

    • What are the most glaring regulatory and other differences between US markets vs. those in Asia and Europe?
    • How does the capital raise process and interest level for microcaps in Asia and Europe compare with in the US?
    • Has the economic growth surge of China impacted markets in the rest of Asia and even in Europe, and in what ways?
    • Is the LSE still as attractive as a public vehicle for international companies as it was a decade ago, or has the US regained its allure?
    • ASEAN member nations appear to be favoring the US market as opposed to the geographically closer Chinese one. Why is that?
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