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Jeff Neumeister is a well-educated and experienced forensic expert and consultant in accounting and financial advisory services. Small organizations, startups, holding entities, high-net-worth individuals, and middle market companies, directly and through their retained counsel, have relied upon Jeff to identify problems, uncover frauds, improve efficiencies and to initiate and defend against litigation. Over his 22 years of professional experience, he has worked in firms ranging in size from large international entities to smaller regional practices.

Jeff has been designated as an expert in multiple cases and has provided valuable deposition testimony for his clients. He has provided litigation advisory services to clients spanning a breadth of industries including construction, entertainment, health care, investments, information technology, professional services, retail, oil and gas, real estate, education, food and beverage, transportation, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. Jeff has provided business valuations for litigation and non-litigation purposes. Jeff has also managed the financial due diligence process for both buy and sell transactions. Through the use of sophisticated analytic solutions, investigative techniques, and an understanding of accounting, he has found effective solutions for a range of clients’ problems including those related to tax strategies, operational efficiencies, and internal controls.


    12:20 PM - 12:40 PM

    Thursday General Session 2/1/2024

    Detecting Legacy Red Flags for De-SPAC and Rev. Mergers

    • Incomplete Financial Disclosures: Detecting legacy red flags involves scrutinizing financial disclosures to identify any inconsistencies, omissions, or questionable accounting practices that might have been overlooked during the SPAC process or reverse merger.
    • Regulatory Compliance Concerns: A thorough examination of the company's regulatory history is essential to identify any past or ongoing compliance issues that could pose risks post-De-SPAC or reverse merger, such as unresolved legal disputes or regulatory violations.
    • Governance and Management Evaluation: Assessing the qualifications and track record of the company's management team and board members is critical to spot any red flags related to their past business practices or potential conflicts of interest, which could impact the company's future performance and credibility
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