Rob Wotczak

President & CEO


Freedom Capital Markets

Mr. Wotczak is currently the CEO and President of Prime Executions and spearheaded the creation of Freedom Capital Markets in 2022. Prior to joining Prime, Mr. Wotczak was the founding member and President of the Wotczak Group. The Wotczak Group is a capital markets advisory/consulting firm for small-cap public issuers and IPO candidates. Prior to that, Mr. Wotczak was the President of a public company, TOMI Environmental Solutions, where he was responsible for managing all aspects of the business, including sales, operations, finance, marketing, capital markets, and investor relations.

Before TOMI, Mr. Wotczak was the executive vice president and principal of a premier New York-based investor relations agency. He served on the executive committee, established a capital markets advisory practice for the agency, and managed all sales and new business opportunities.

Mr. Wotczak spent over ten years at the New York Stock Exchange/American Stock Exchange in senior positions within the listings group. As the Head of Equities at the American Stock Exchange, he oversaw over 600 issuers, new listings, strategic planning, and a $40 million revenue base. During that period, Mr. Wotczak was involved in over 200 listings of OTC up-listings, SPACs, and IPOs.

From 1989-1998 and again from 2000-2003, Mr. Wotczak was a registered representative. He served as a broker from 1989-1994 and brokerage branch manager from 1994-1998. From 1998-2000 he managed a NYC private bank's trust and investment area. In late 2000 he formed and created a broker-dealer subsidiary inside the bank, where he served as the firm's Securities Principal and Compliance Registered Options Principal (CROP). In addition, he worked as a senior trader at an NYSE Institutional Floor Brokerage firm from 2002-2003.


    2:05 PM - 2:35 PM

    Wednesday General Session 1/31/2024

    Markets Are Global, But the US Has the Biggest Draw

    • What are the most glaring regulatory and other differences between US markets vs. those in Asia and Europe?
    • How does the capital raise process and interest level for microcaps in Asia and Europe compare with in the US?
    • Has the economic growth surge of China impacted markets in the rest of Asia and even in Europe, and in what ways?
    • Is the LSE still as attractive as a public vehicle for international companies as it was a decade ago, or has the US regained its allure?
    • ASEAN member nations appear to be favoring the US market as opposed to the geographically closer Chinese one. Why is that?
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