Ron Woessner

Founder & Principal


Woessner Advisory Associates

Ronald A. Woessner, is a Dallas-based securities attorney specializing in corporate/securities law, mergers & acquisitions, public and private capital raising, and governmental affairs. He has been senior counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, which authored JOBS Act 1.0 and JOBS Act 2.0, where he was special advisor to the Committee Chairman for capital formation policy matters.

Mr. Woessner’s subject matter expertise includes advising thinly-traded small cap issuers to help them increase their stock trading liquidity and raise capital from both retail and institutional investors. His small cap clients have raised more than $125M in public and private debt and equity financings.

With experience as General Counsel for two NASDAQ-listed companies and as CEO of a small cap company that up listed from OTC Markets to NASDAQ, Mr. Woessner has the expertise to assist his clients in up listing from the OTC to the NASDAQ and navigating the perils of the public markets. Some of the articles he has written addressing issues affecting thinly-traded small cap issuers appear at, in addition to comments he has filed with the SEC on similar topics.


    2:50 PM - 3:10 PM

    Thursday General Session 2/1/2024

    In Hospitability of Public Company Ecosphere for Smaller Cap Issuers

    • U.S. public markets are inhospitable to smaller cap issuers
    • Destruction of aftermarket incentives killed broker/dealer sponsorship model
    • This has resulted in massive stock illiquidity for smaller cap issuers
    • Which has resulted in wide-spread toxic capital financing
    • In hospitability of public markets has led to shrinking size of U.S. public markets
    • HR 6623, Main Street Growth Act, introduced to address these issues
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